Travel choices

Around one in five of the trips we make are less than one mile in length, and two out of every five trips are less than two miles long. These are distances most people can easily walk or cycle. For longer journeys, public transport or car sharing may offer a practical alternative.

Below is a series of links and information to help you plan and consider sustainable travel choices.

Information to help you plan a journey

Traveline is a partnership of transport operators and local authorities formed to provide impartial and comprehensive information about public transport. It covers Scotland, England and Wales. 

Journey sharing

Bracknell Forest Travelshare - the council provides a free-to-use journey share database. This online tool allows people to search for others making similar journeys by car, cycle or on foot, and indirectly contact them to ask if they are willing to share their journey.

Faxi - alternatively, Faxi is an online journey-sharing platform that enables anyone to create a network of people who share similar journeys, either by car, by bike or on foot. It's free and easy to use.


If you are considering cycling, the council provides maps of the traffic-free cycle network in the borough. Find out more on our cycling page.

Buses and trains

For bus routes and timetable information visit our buses page or the websites of bus operators. For rail journeys visit our page about trains or the websites of the train operating companies.

Travel plans

A travel plan is a package of measures aimed at promoting greener, cleaner modes of transport and reducing reliance on single-occupancy car journeys to or from a particular site.

Workplace travel plans

A travel plan has many benefits for a business in Bracknell Forest including:

  • potential cost savings
  • good PR in the local community
  • reducing demand for car parking spaces
  • improving access for staff, visitors and deliveries
  • increasing productivity from a healthier, more motivated workforce

A simple guide and a more detailed guide are available to help you introduce travel choices at your workplace:

Travel plans required by the planning process

You may be asked to implement a travel plan as part of a planning application. Details of how and when a travel plan is required can be found in the council's PDF file downloadPlanning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (PDF, 685kb).

School travel plans

Nearly all schools in the borough have a travel plan. For more information visit our school travel pages.

Travel events

Throughout the year the council promotes a number of sustainable travel campaigns and events.

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