Setting up a small social care enterprise

Social care has traditionally been delivered by local councils, but this is now changing to reflect a more tailored approach to supporting people. People who are eligible for social care support now have more control over how their money is spent.

Whether receiving funding from the local authority, or funding themselves, people want to access tailored support in different ways. Small social care providers based in local communities are able to deliver this support by developing flexible and personalised services that meet the needs of local people.

What does it involve?

Social care providers help adults to:

  • live independently at home
  • go shopping
  • become involved in work or education
  • take holidays and short breaks
  • take part in sport and leisure activities
  • have meals and go to lunch clubs
  • get around their community

How can I get involved?

You can create a small enterprise on your own or with a group of others to provide a range of support services.

If you are interested in setting up a small enterprise providing support for people in your local community contact the Joint Commissioning Team to discuss.

What we can offer

We can support you by:

  • providing free market intelligence based on what individuals using services and Care Commissioners are telling us they want
  • some initial start up training and DBS checks where necessary
  • promoting your business, service or activity through the Support with Confidence Scheme and the council's community directory (iHub)
  • networking opportunities with other local individuals or small businesses

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