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If you’re commuting to work, popping to the local shops, or just want some fresh air, why not consider going by bike. Bracknell Forest has a great network of cycle paths to help you get around safely, avoiding the traffic and the queues. For maps, journey planning and finding like-minded people, please see the information below. 

Bracknell cycleways

The importance of cycling as a form of transport in Bracknell has been recognised since the creation of Bracknell New Town. Purpose-built, traffic-free cycle routes were planned and built to provide a very comprehensive network.

Carrying on from the initial routes, new stretches of cycleway are being sought in all major housing developments.

For a map showing all the traffic free cycle routes in the borough, please download our PDF file downloadcycling in Bracknell Forest map (PDF, 3399kb).

Colour-coded corridors

Some key sections of the cycle network benefit from colour-coded signage to make them easy to follow. You can download a map or you should be able to pick one up from your local library:

Leisure cycling

There are many opportunities for leisure cycling in Bracknell Forest, from mountain biking in Swinley Forest to circular routes on the traffic-free cycle network. 

Swinley Forest

Maps and further information about the Swinley Forest trails are provided on the Windsor Great Park website.

Ride and Seek

We have provided a suggestion for the 'Ride and Seek' 6-mile circular ride using the cycleways and shared footpath/cycleways. This is perfect for families or those not very confident about cycling on the road. Why not have a go at making your own circular route using our cycle maps.

PDF file downloadRide and Seek cycle ride (PDF, 1341kb)

Sky rides

If you are looking to join up with other cyclists to go an a leisure ride, you can log onto:

Round Berkshire route

For more adventurous or experienced riders there is a 140-mile round-Berkshire route. The map is no longer in production, but you can request a copy by using our enquiry form. Bracknell Forest Council is only responsible for the part of the route that is in our borough. 

Courses for young cyclists

Free Bikeability training is available to young cyclists. Please visit our road safety education page for more information. 

Cycle journey planner

You can plan a cycle journey in Bracknell Forest using the Google journey planning option. Go to the Google maps site, select 'get directions' and click on the bicycle logo. You can then enter your start and end points and Google will plan your journey using the available traffic-free cycle network. Alternatively, you can use one of our cycle maps to plan a route. These maps show the off-road network, most of which is also available for pedestrians to use too.

Commuting to work by bicycle

If you live near to where you work, cycling can be a great way to reduce your travel costs and build regular exercise into your daily routine. There are lots of things your employer can do to make cycling to work more attractive.

For more information read PDF file downloadTravel Choice for Business (PDF, 800kb).

You can also search for someone to share your cycle journey with by visiting the council’s Travelshare website

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